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Dunker Tea Strainer | Loose Leaf Tea Making Accessories, Tea Infuser

Dunker Tea Strainer | Loose Leaf Tea Making Accessories, Tea Infuser

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Enjoy your tea drinking experience with the ecojiko 'Dunker' loose leaf tea strainer. Our tea infuser is the perfect zero waste alternative to teabags making it a beautiful gift for your tea loving friends.

ECO FRIENDLY BENEFITS: Did you know that standard teabags can contain plastic that take many years to biodegrade and can release micro-plastics into your cuppa? With the Dunker tea strainer you can say goodbye to single-use plastic waste. Our tea infuser is made from high quality food grade stainless steel, silicone and beech wood, ensuring a sustainable tea brewing experience!

LOOSE LEAF: Our tea strainer infuser is designed to make the perfect brew every time. The fine mesh allows for water flow without letting leaves escape into your cup. Whether you prefer green tea, black tea or herbal blends our loose leaf tea infuser ensures a tasty cup of tea.

EASY TO USE: Simply LOAD your spoon with loose leaf tea leaves and pop into the stainless steel basket and replace the lid. DUNK the Dunker into a cup of boiling water until ready. GUZZLE your well earned cuppa. 

DURABLE: Use your tea strainer time and time again. Just rinse the basket under warm water and allow to dry out.

THOUGHTFUL GIFT: The loose leaf tea strainer makes a thoughtful and practical gift for the tea lover in your life. It's cute design and eco friendly benefits will impress anyone who appreciates a good cup of tea and the environment!

GIFT BOX: The tea strainer is packaged in a funky gift box making it ideal for gifting

TRAY: The Dunker includes a handy beech wood tray to place your tea strainer on after use.

5% of every sale will be donated to Surfers Against Sewage via Work for Good

Safety: The infuser may not be suitable for children or elderly people as the edges of the stainless steel are a little fine.

Your order will contain:

1 x ecojiko Dunker Tea Strainer and tray 

1 x gift box 

(13.5 cm x 4.5cm) 

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