Customise My Brush

Looking to pop your logo or shop name on our quality brushes for your zero-waste, refill, farm, or gift shop? Customised bamboo and sisal long-handled dish brushes, replacement heads, and pot scrubbers all tailor-made just for you in our garden workshop in Lancashire.

Drop us a line at and we'll whip up a mock-up for you. No need to worry about bulk orders either—there's no minimum for wholesale, and we'll even throw in free UK delivery on orders over £100.

customised plastic free bamboo dish brushes in jar


Made from bamboo and sisal, there's zero plastic involved—so your customers can scrub away without harming the planet. You won’t find our brushes loitering in landfill for centuries as they will biodegrade far easier than their plastic cousins. To keep our carbon footprint in check, we skip air mail and stick to sea and train freight where possible.

bamboo wood eco friendly plastic free dish brush and replacement heads


As one of the fastest growing sustainable plants, we use sustainably certified bamboo as an alternative to wood. No nasty pesticides are required to harvest the plant, which means it doesn’t harm the environment. And those bristles? Made from sisal, not plastic, so they won't be haunting the planet for centuries.  

woman cleaning dishes with bamboo plastic free customised zero waste scrubbing brush


Our plastic free pot scrubbers are multi-talented, tackling everything from dirty dishes to muddy boots with ease. Use them for scrubbing everything from veggies to nails, even tackling mud-caked boots and keeping unruly beards in check.

customised eco bamboo brushes for gift shops


Bamboo hails mostly from China. We keep manufacturing close to where the bamboo is nurtured so we’re not shipping any waste to cut down on carbon emissions. Teaming up with a trusted rural manufacturer, we craft our brushes using sustainably certified bamboo, and ship to the UK by sea and train.