customise my brush

Would you like to see your logo or shop name on our quality brushes to sell in your zero waste shop, refill van or gift shop? We can customise our bamboo and sisal long handled dish brushes, replacement heads and pot scrubbers with just a copy of your logo. Feel free to contact us on and we can arrange a mock up to give you an idea of how it could look. There is no minimum order for wholesale and it's free UK delivery over £75. As our small, family business grows we will start to provide more items for customisation. We are always interested in hearing about the products you would like to see, so feel free to get in touch and share your ideas.

customised washing up brushes bamboo cloths and sponges

ECO-FRIENDLY: Our brushes are made from natural materials, bamboo and sisal, and contain no plastic. They will biodegrade easily rather than lasting years in landfill. To reduce our carbon footprint, we only use sea and train freight rather than air mail when receiving goods from our manufacturer. 

MULTIPLE USES: The pot scrubbers are a perfect eco alternative to your synthetic scourers. They scrub pans and clean crockery with ease. They are not just for washing up either. We also like to use the scrubbers for cleaning everything from vegetables, nails, muddy boots and even brushing beards.

BAMBOO & SISAL: As one of the fastest growing sustainable plants, we use 100% FSC certified bamboo as an alternative to wood. No nasty pesticides are required to harvest the plant, which means it doesn’t harm the environment. The bristles are made from sisal, rather than plastic, which would take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

SUPPORTING INDEPENDENT BUSINESSES: As a small, family business we engrave all the customised products ourselves in sunny Lancashire.

PLASTIC FREE: All of our packaging is recycled / recyclable cardboard. We reuse boxes from local businesses for wholesale orders.

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Bamboo is predominantly grown in China where we source our bamboo products (our other products are sourced from the UK). Although some bamboo products may claim to be manufactured in Europe the raw materials originate from Asia. To reduce the carbon footprint in production, it makes sense to manufacture close to where the raw materials are grown, otherwise potential waste is shipped to the place of manufacture. We work with a reputable rural manufacturer who produces our brushes from 100% FSC certified bamboo and we only ship by sea and train. 

angry face on ecojiko eco scrubbing brush