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Plastic Free Sponges | Cellulose & Sisal Natural Washing Up Cleaning Sponge Scourers (4 pck)

Plastic Free Sponges | Cellulose & Sisal Natural Washing Up Cleaning Sponge Scourers (4 pck)

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Make your kitchen cleaning routine more sustainable with ecojiko Cellulose and Sisal Sponge Scourers. These plastic-free, plant-based sponges are designed to provide a powerful clean while being gentle on the environment, ensuring you can tackle tough grime without contributing to microplastic pollution.

PLASTIC FREE SPONGES: Made entirely from natural cellulose and sisal fibres, these sponges are a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic sponges.

PLANT BASED MATERIALS: Crafted from renewable plant resources, our sponges are biodegradable and compostable, making them an eco-conscious choice for your cleaning needs.

LONGER LASTING: Designed for durability, these sponges outlast typical plastic sponges, providing you with an effective cleaning tool that won't need frequent replacing.

NO MICRO-PLASTICS: Unlike conventional sponges, our cellulose and sisal scourers do not shed harmful microplastics, keeping your home and waterways free from pollution.

EFFECTIVE CLEANING: The natural sisal fibres offer excellent scrubbing power, making it easy to remove tough stains and baked-on food without scratching your surfaces.

VERSATILE: Perfect for cleaning dishes, washing up, wiping countertops, sinks, and more, these sponges are a versatile addition to any eco-friendly kitchen.

LESS PONGY: As well as the eco benefits, our plastic free sponges do not smell like your usual plastic sponges!

5% of every sale will be donated to Surfers Against Sewage via Work for Good

Each box includes:

4 x cellulose & sisal sponge scourers

1 x recycled / recyclable box

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jos Gibson
Best cleaning brand

Really great product, I only ever buy these now